コンクリートにおけるいくつかのナノ材料の拡張応用 コンクリートにおけるいくつかのナノ材料の拡張応用

コンクリートは建築の基本材料であり、さまざまな建物や構造物に広く​​使用されています。21 世紀の大規模なコンクリート工学、工学環境の複雑さ、および応用分野の継続的な拡大に伴い、コンクリート材料に対する人々の要求はさらに高まっています。ナノテクノロジーによりコンクリートの特性が向上し、コンクリートの応用分野が大きく広がります。 ナノ材料はコンクリートの特性を改善します。 1. ナノシリカ(SiO2) ナノSiO2は、ケイ素や有機ケイ素を含む塩化物の高温加水分解により生成される、表面に水酸基を有す...


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  • 透明な断熱コーティングのためのナノセシウムタングステンブロンズ
    Nano Cesium Tungsten Bronze for transparent heat insulation coating
    Infrared thermal insulation material nano cesium tungsten bronze powder Synonyms For Nano cesium tungstate,Cesium tungsten oxide,Cs0.33WO3.   Cesium tungsten bronze (Cs0.33 WO3) nano powder is a new functional materials,which has strong absorption and high transmittance ability in near infrared region (800-1200nm wavelength) and the visible region (380-780nm wavelength).    Nano cesium tungsten bronze powder is the best transparent heat insulation material for the car sticker, PVB heat insulation film and other transparent coatings. Adding 1.3 grams per square metre in coating can achieve 950 nm infrared blocking rate above 90%, 550nm visible light transmittance over 70%, the fog degree is less than 0.5%.Cesium tungsten bronze powders were also widely used in laser marking, laser welding, greenhouses, diagnosis and infrared filter. With low resistivity, low temperature superconducting properties and good near infrared shielding performance, nano cesium tungsten bronze is expected to replace the existing the window material ITO conductive glass, can be used as good near infrared heat insulation material, it is very attractive in the field of automobile and construction application prospect. Our commitment to quality and customer service have established us a leader in the international nanopowders market.  We work with our customers to make their finished products better by fine tuning their specifications to achieve the best possible results. Whether you need inorganic chemical nanomaterials, dispersion, or customize super fine chemicals, your lab can rely on Hongwu Nanometer for all nanomaterials needs. We take pride in developing the most forward nanopowders and nanoparticles and offering them at a fair price. And our online product catalog is easy to search, making it easy to consult and buy. Plus, if you have any questions about all our nanomaterials, get in touch. For all nanomaterial & nanopowders & nanoparticles needs, you need Hongwu International Group LTD. W690, Nano cesium tungsten oxide, 80-100nm, 100-200nm, 99.9% W691, Yellow nano tungsten oxide, 50nm, 99.9% W692, Blue nano tungsten oxide, 80-100nm, 99.9% W693, Purple nano tungsten oxide, 80-100nm, 99.9%    



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